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Best restaurants in Athens Ohio


Looking for the best place to eat in Athens?

Icame to Athens and Ohio University in 1992. Eating in Athens back, then in the long, long ago was a tedious affair, unless you liked typical Americana fare. (There was a great Korean restaurant in Athens for a few years, but it's now long gone.) The good news: Athens' culinary prowess has grown over the years. If you're looking for info on boring Athens box eateries like Applebee's, Texas Roadhouse, etc, look elsewhere. This Athens Ohio restaurant guide features one-off wonders of the food world, and only the good places to eat in Athens.
Updated for 2016.

girl hands excited about athens restaurantsTop Restaurants in Athens OH

China Panda

Sushi sushi sushi. Head to East State Street. Look for the Staples on the right. You'll find China Panda tucked into that little strip mall. If you like other Japanese cuisine, you're in luck. The China Panda menu is vast and includes several different Chinese and Japanese cooking styles. The sushi bar isn't as good as ultra-ritzy joints on either coast, but it's almost as good as it gets in Ohio and tenfold better than any other "sushi" options in Athens. If you're into an authentic Chinese eating experience ask for the Chinese Chinese menu. It's in English, but filled with authentic traditional Chinese dishes and it's only available by request.
(740) 593-8883 65 East State Street Athens, OH 45701

Casa Nueva

A very Athenian restaurant, Casa is huge - both culturally and physically. If you're into vegetarian cuisine, you can't do better in Athens. (They serve meat too.) When the service is on, they're the best. But if you catch them at their worst, you won't want to go back any time soon. Why such hit and miss service? We used to say it's because tips are shared by all employees, regardless of both the role the employee plays (dish dog, waiter, bartender) and the shift they work (lazy weekday morning vs. hectic weekend night,) thus removing the incentive of the busiest workers and allowing those with seniority to take the easiest shifts. ...But now they don't accept tips, so that's another, similar story. But the food is almost always excellent.
(740) 592-9724 4 West State Street Athens, OH

Mr. Taco

Finally, a near-authentic taco in Athens. Well, I suppose what they offer is pretty legit (onions, cilantro, soft little corn tortilla, etc.) but what prevents them from getting the full-legit-experience badge is the elegantly simple little menu. (No chorizo, no carnitas, etc.) ...And the price is right: $1.75/taco. Several other Mexican food items available too. Go get a taco, now! ...If you're unfamiliar with authentic tacos (i.e. midwest "Mexican" restaurant tacos are your 'normal',) you're not allowed to complain that Mr. Taco tacos small, sans cheese, and no crunchy tortillas ;)
(740) 589-3033 122 W. Union St., Athens, OH

Avalanche Pizza

With more pizza toppings than you can throw a... however that saying goes, Avalanche continues to win local, national and even worldwide pizza competitions. 100% organic sauce compliments dozens of creative 'za inventions. Carry out and delivery only. Located on East State Street near the Speedway. They make great artisan bread, too.
(740) 594-4664 329 East State Street, Athens, OH


Two restaurants merged into one! Mix a haute bakery with a non-traditional Thai restaurant, add a liquor license and great coffee and what do you get? This joint! It's hard to top the culinary character of this weird combo. One of the specials last week: meatloaf sandwich. Call for dinner hours. (Their various online presences declare several different sets of opening hours.) The bakery serves all day, w/ some non-bakery stuff too. If the street is packed with cars, try the Athens parking garage a block away.
(740) 249-4286 8 N Court St Athens, OH

Miller's Chicken

Chicken the way your mom never made it, because she didn't know how to make it this good. Miller's has been around a long time. I forget exactly how long, but they'd been here a long time when I got here many years ago. They do one thing, and they do it right. Order the chicken. (But don't forget the abundant sides!) There's not much around Miller's but it's only a short hike down the hill from uptown Athens.
(740) 593-6544 235 W State St Athens, OH

Bagel Street Deli

Holy bagels Bat Man!! This place is amazing. Head to Court St. for this incredible sandwich shop. Too many selections to count. (Their menu spreads over two walls and several chalk boards like a yummy slime mold.) Meat selections abound. There's breakfast too. If you're looking for vegetarian food in Athens Ohio try the "Feta is Betta" on a Bialys bagel. But sub out the sprouts for some hard boiled egg. Their tofu menu is substantial too.
(740) 593-3838 27 South Court Street, Athens, OH

O'betty's Red Hot

Located on West State Street just a few steps from Court Street you'll find one of the most spectacular hot dog museums on the planet. Oh, and the food's great too. Fresh made fries compliment a creative burlesque themed hot dog menu. These 100% beef dogs snap with natural casings. Toppings selection is nearly unlimited, so use your imagination and make the best hot dog ever! If you're a vegetarian, substitute a veggie dog and go nuts.
(740) 589-6111 15 West State St., Athens, OH

Star of India

Indian food in Athens Ohio. Who'd've thought? Athens Ohio food has included Indian food for some time now. Nutty. Head out Union St. Star of India is on the right, across from the old train depot. Their dinner entrees are usually great. Try the chicken tikka masala or the navratan curry. The vegetable pakora and mango lassi are to die for. The lunch buffet is cheap, but it's hit or miss. Some love it. Some not so much. If you're versed in Indian cuisine and they're not too busy, they'll usually make off-menu selections too.
(740) 594-5269 128 West Union Street, Athens, OH


A full bar with decent wine compliments the largest fine dining menu of any Athens Ohio restaurant. The little touches are nice: flavored butter paired with a selection of breads, the best French onion soup in town, and one of the few places you can get a decent scallop dish. They rarely answer their phone but they usually return calls, and there's little parking, all metered, but Zoe is worth the hassle.
(740) 592-4443 24 East State St., Athens, OH

Thai Paradise

The red curry is delicious. Same with the Mala string beans and Larb gai. Haven't had anything sub-par here yet, except for the service. ...And that's only because they're so busy. We'd been waiting for a proper Athens Thai restaurant for decades. (Forever, really.) And while this place wouldn't hold up well in more cosmopolitan burbs, it's good enough for a top food in Athens list. This "Thai restaurant" also dabbles in Vietnamese (pho) and has an ample Chinese menu too. But if you see somebody ordering general Tso's or Kung Pao here, please slap them for me.
(740) 249-4115 102 West Union Street, Athens, OH



Best Athens Restaurants - Honorable Mentions

Souvlakis - Best hummus in Athens. Not open mornings.

Salaam - Middle-eastern-ish

Jackie O's - Great beer and good food.

Sol - The best weekend brunch in Athens. Great, delicious brunch menu.

The Pub - Beer cheese soup on Wednesdays! Great bar food uptown.

Stephen's - Try the baked cod.

Fusion Noodle Company - No longer the best pho or pad Thai, but still okay.

Kiser's BBQ - Owner was rude to me, so I won't eat there, but the BBQ is good.


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