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Bleu Ursula Major Ursula Minor Chords Tab and Lyrics


Chords for the best song on Redhead - by Uncoolcentral.com

Ifound some other tab/chords for Bleu's Ursula Major Ursula Minor, but they're wrong-ish. So here's a better rendition. My old acoustic has a bad bridge, so it's tuned down a step or two. These chords work great for me, but if you want to play along with the recording you'll need to detune or do some capo action and/or transposing. Let me know if you want any other tab. It's pretty easy for me to figure out. Cheers.

girl handsBleu Ursula Major Ursula Minor Chords

Verse - most chords muted

Em - Arpeggiating w/ the pinky on the 4th fret, sort of lingering on a Em add9 here and there then to to a...

D/A sus (a "D" with an open high E string) again, doing the same arpeggio with the 4th and 2nd fret of the D string. (That arpeggio gets you the musical melody. Listen for it. You'll get it.)

Walkup to chorus

Em Em/F# G A

Chorus - stop your palm muting, pansy.

G A D/Asus Em



Called you up
Just to see what was up
Might have been a couple, two, three months
Since we were in touch

Ursula major
Ursula minor
I'm trying to get a little bit brighter
Ursula minor
Ursula major

Who are you?
Why are you in the loop?
Is it something we can even do?
Do I want the truth?

Course you're right
I wasn't thinking right
You and me were never really right
It'll be alright




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