"Susan Smith" (Brother to Brother)

I left last night
Black man carried me
Taped up and thrown away
Looking for Jesus Christ
Candles cast shadows
(enter your favorite band here) is on the radio
Can't tell height or size
What would you say to me?
"The blindfold hurts my eyes!"

Backseat of minivan
Brother to Brother now
Mother knows where we are
So daddy can't be very far... or can he?
Remembering what teachers said
But what will mommy say?
"A black man stood very tall..."
And took her two boys away.

I'm not doing very well,
Not doing fine,
But I cannot speak for everyone.
Thinking of a better time and better place
But that was like 6 years ago.

So what am I doing here,
Where is my father now?
Darkness is falling fast,
Where is my father at?
And mother is threatening,
Brother to Brother now,
The water is rising high....

And the blindfold... Hurts my eyes...

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