On December 31st 1999 I am having a party on Slocovica, a small island nation located right on the international date line. We will be Dancing around a fire naked and covered in chicken blood (although technically we will be wearing chicken blood). We will have a Dan Dreifort roast and plenty of LSD, DHM, AMDM, WXYZ, TCH, and LMNOP all of which are legal in Slocovica. I can also supply fruit punch with rum but not yellow fruit punch cuz that IS illegal. Please bring any of the following if you have access to these vital supplies.

1. Four and one half million quarts of blue coolade.
2. One tire from a monster truck.
3. yellow and blue spray paint (at least 100 cans of each)
4. Green foamy shaving cream.
5. Leather restraints
6. A Tuba (for use with the monster truck tire)
7. Rolling papers
8. Fresh towels
9. Turpentine (for cleanup)
10. Personal Lubricant
11. Chickens
12. Fish
13. A lock of Rob Zombie's hair
14. condoms (for use with the tuba)

Thanx, and hope to see you there!!!