Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones - short review


This movie is completely badass. OMG. You must see it.

Natalie Portman... during better acting days

Well, it's better than Episode I. Still, Natalie Portman's acting chops don't dazzle through the cerement of Lucas's dialog and direction, but that doesn't matter. Right?

Star Wars is a myth, an archetype. The actors are not key; the story is the vehicle here.

If you're able to stomach the obligatory, "ten years have passed and we've some explaining to do," awkwardness of the first quarter hour or so, you're ready to be (force?) fed a fun, two-hour, action-cliche buffet.

Sure, George Lucas has become a hack, but you're big enough to turn the other cheek and enjoy SWII for what it is: far less Jar-Jar than SWI.

A marriage of special effects and favorite genres, (action, spy thrillers, romance, war flix, fantasy and sci-fi) SW II is sure to please more than it will disappoint. You know, unless you're dead inside.



Dan Dreifort is a first-time movie reviewer for UncoolCentral.