Dan Dreifort's been in a lot of bands. These songs are but a smattering of their/his recorded efforts. More to come as they're found under rocks or uploaded Dan's trying to find people to make music with in San Diego. If he sends you this link, make sure you don't pass judgment too quickly. The first band is hardcore punk. The second band is experimental noise. Keep digging deeper and you'll find shitty reggae, groove, pop, jazz, rock, psychedelia, and whatnot. ...Dig deep. THEN you can judge ;)


Cat Shit

Dan (Aka Cat Shit stage name "Depends Shit" or just "Depends" if you're into the whole brevity thing,) joined Toner Cartridge and Kurt Shit in 2016 to dig Cat Shit out of the SoCalpunk ashes. AmyA joined shortly thereafter. High-energy, irreverent, non-safe-space, hardcore, noise punk
You Just Stepped In It - Full album - on youtube


Dan Dreifort, Tom Wilhelm and Mike Makosky made noise from 2012-2014. 100% improv. Some of us (Dan) didn't know what we were doing most of the time, with all the buttons and knobs on the synths. Thankfully, we also sometimes used guitar/bass/drums.
1.2 (excerpt - ending) - 97 seconds of a 12 minute piece. Herein: a badass synth-bass riff that goes nowhere fast.
1,2 (excerpt - middle) - 84 seconds of noise.
9 (excerpt - ending) - 203 seconds. Mellow tail end of an otherwise weirder 13 minute progressive blues rocker


Dan Dreifort, Tom Wilhelm, Dave Wooster, Brandon Schultz, Ben Corbit. LEAVE CORP played from 2010 until 2014, and never released an album :( But LEAVE CORP practiced in Tom's studio, so some of our practices sound like demos. We'll take it!
Soccer Mon - Dave Wooster tune about stoners becoming parents (2012?)
Missakiss - Covering an OSJB tune (2012?)
Snorky & Henry - You'll find different versions of this song below. (2012?)
Cuckold - Covering an OSJB tune (2012?)

Indelible Beancurd

iCurd's album dropped in 2008, kids! Indelible ! Hear Ethan McCarty and Dan Dreifort's latest CD.
Indelible Beancurd.wma
- Indelible Beancurd's funky title track, now with horns (2003 - 2007)
I Left my Blargh in San Francisco.mp3 -called a "mock lounge litany" by at least one (2005)


Dan Dreifort, Adam Phillips, Josh Brown, and sometimes Kevin Shima played as Vellumn from 2003 through 2013. ...Another band with no album release.
Amidst Crosshatch Dreams.mp3 - Catchy epic Vellumn pop song about boys and girls(2003)
The Last Flight of the Spruce Goose.mp3 - Psychedelic alien abduction (2003)
No, don't I?.mp3 - mood music - live- (2006)
He's my ride .mp3 - the garage taxi cab song formerly known as Spaceghost - live- (2006)
Coming into Los Angeles .mp3 - please don't sue me, Arlo. - live- (2006)
(Love Letter to) Dorothy Vader.mp3 - stoner metal groove a la Star Wars style (2003)
You're Pretty Cool.mp3 - riff punk- live - (2006) and on a mono tapedeck (2003)
Littleton.mp3 - Columbine thrash from the other perspective (2003) two other versions
Combing a Wave/Gimlet - a song about surfing into a song about a drink
Combing a Wave/Welcome to Warp Zone- Surfing -> Warping (latter poorly mixed) :(


Justin Choma Zimmerman, Lauren Fisher, and Dan Dreifort were a power trio for a hot minute. No album released..
I Guess the Light Has Left my Head.mp3 - reminds me of The Cure (2000)
Satellite.mp3- pretty song with a pretty ending (2000)
A Cheery Wave.mp3 - ironic power pop (2000)
One of the Three.mp3 - suave bass work (2000)
Hold.mp3 - a remix of a mean idea (2000)


Adam Schoen, Dan Dreifort, Nate Olah, and early on, Marty Coady played as Martizatic! for less than a year, and dropped an EP with eight songs.
Carol.mp3 - tune about a conniving bizeeatch - a converted punk anthem- live (1999)
Stochastic Notes.mp3 - another tune about a gal - Latin flava (1999)
Susan Smith.mp3 - remember the lady who killed her kids? (1999)
Sunday.mp3 - a song about the Sunday ritual - live (1999)
Time.mp3 - there's never enough of it (1999)
F Song.mp3 - live (1999)
Vaicarious Voyeurism.mp3 - live (1999)
Tribal.mp3 - live (1999)
Atlas Shrugs - live (1999)

Cactus Pears

Tony Xenos founded the Pears in 1993, I think. Dan Dreifort jumped on board in 1995, then left, then joined again, then left, then re-upped. Etc. Usual cohorts included: Brian Gibson, Deb Dreifort, Gabe Ciani, Alex Treece, Jef Shilt, Rob Powell, Geoff Osterland, Ashley Ford, Jack Sowers, Craig Butz, Matt Box, and, yes, many more. Plenty of albums. #Menudo
Frrustrated - the most kickin' song ever from CP (2005)
Happy Day Love .mp3 - long lost ditty featuring Alex Treece (1999)
Crackhouse.mp3 - frenetic dissonance (1999)
Superhero.mp3 - sing-a-long - (1999)
Sheary's Wing.mp3 - driving - old oldschool song - (1999)
The Radio Station.mp3 - this one was supposed to be EP only and not on the web. whatever! (1999)

Flying Mantra

Like a phoenix from the ashes of Heroin Dog rose the mantra. Roman Warmke joined Dan, Paul, and Pete..
Snorky and Henry.mp3 - drunken live action with a blisteringly weird solo - excerpt - live (1998)
Serpentine.mp3 - blues/funk with a searing solo - excerpt - live (1998)

Heroin Dog

Paul Hansen, Pete Schwartz, Dan Dreifort, Jamey Greenfield and Frank Vilanti played as Heroin Dog for a little more than a year. They appeared on a compilation or two, but no releases..
MaRainy.mp3 - jazz tune -smooth and very pretty - live - (1997)
Frustrated.mp3 - powerpop - excerpt - live - (1997)
El Role Model del Mundo.mp3 - rock-n-roll - reminds me of seattle - excerpt - live (1997)
Campbell's Soup.mp3 - rocky lounge - 8-track tape (1997)

Our Smiling Jesus Band

Dan Dreifort, Ben Johnson, Frank Longano, Ethan McCarty, appear on all of these recordings with a little Jereme Simmons on drums from the Thick Timber sessions. Four albums, one, unreleased.
Naked.mp3 - Tape hiss and all. We called this pretty song a "panty wetter" (1994)
DownRite.mp3 - What now for sad eyes? I like this song. (1993)
Indasno.mp3 - Intro-A-B-C-D-C-A-B-A - a reactionary tale (1995)
Pope Song.ra - 4/4 version of what once was a waltz re: his holiness - live (1996)
Dignity.mp3 - introspective power pop (1996)
Serendipity.mp3 - always wave at children (live) (1997)
A Very Cautious Stance.mp3 - ominous pop re: infidelity (1996)
Particle Ray.mp3 - a small guy named Ray - only light is both particle and ray... (1995)
Precog.mp3 - on floating in outer space (1995)
Love Llama.mp3 - Rico Suave goofiness (1996)
The Progress.mp3 - drinking cough syrup and conferring with multi-dimensional beings (1996)
Psycho Hts.mp3 - a Charles Williams cover - powerpop live to 2-trk in a dorm room w/ overdub (1993)
Solstice.mp3 - you'd never know it, but there are only two distinct chord progressions in this song (1995)
Oh My God .mp3 - demo version of a catchy song later polished for the NAILED CD (1993)
Chocolate Rosary.mp3 - outtake from final OSJB CD (1996) and a Thick Timber outtake version (1993) (There's an earlier, non-OSJB version below too.)
The Ballad of Lisa Lee - I miss her (1996)
Free Music

other free mp3s from dan dreifort & pals

Inspired.mp3 - Dan Dreifort- An idea recorded into an iPod touch via the headphone mic. What a world. (2010)
Paris.mp3 - Dan Dreifort -a quick sketch of an idea. can't wait to rework it a bit. (2007) I did! more Paris (2010) ...Still want to rework it more!
Happy Doom Synth Pop.mp3 - Dan Dreifort- a 39 second sketch on Mikio Olin's keyboard (2005)
Untitled.mp3 - Dan Dreifort & Adam Fox making mellow noise (2004)
Paper Moon.mp3 - Susan Isard & Dan Dreifort & his dad and a 4track and a classic cover (1995)
People Who Make Potters' Pottery.mp3 - Dan Dreifort doing an abandoned WIAR tune (1997)
Long Resolve.mp3 - Dan Dreifort and a cheap keyboard and some maracas (1995)
Ohm.mp3 - odd Ferocious Gnomes song. very odd. (2003)
2 Liter.ra - Dan Dreifort & Bill Demarco bastardizing an Ethan McCarty tune. Best ending ever!(1998)
Muzak Medley.mp3 - Dan Dreifort Mus413 class project (1996)
Woot.mp3 - Dan Dreifort - a 49 second melodramatic sketch - could be a song some day (2005)
Ominous.mp3 - Dan Dreifort unfinished sketch. When in doubt, fake an Eddie Van Halen riff (2004)
Solstice.mp3 dan Dreifort and bryan Gibson testing out some new recording gear (2001)
Completely Me.mp3 - Dan taking ~20 minutes to record a very early original (2004)
Plucky Song.mp3 - dan Dreifort - written in 1991 REM-ish or so I'm told (2004)
Blind.mp3 - dan Dreifort - eerie instrumental written in 1990 (2004)
Chocolate Rosary.mp3 - dan Dreifort, ethan, sarah town & and lot of fun (1992)
Selpin.mp3 - dan Dreifort- I'm dying to play this in a band some time (1992)
Simple Manual.mp3 dan Dreifort & jill pelavin doing messy mellow art-rock (1991)
Get the fuck out (in b flat).mp3 - Doucheifer - one of my noise art projects (2004)
True love.mp3 -dan Dreifort & pete schwartz - reggae-ish ballad (1998)
riffs.mp3 - dan Dreifort - reminds me of '80's video game driving music (2005)
Snorky and Henry.mp3 - chris roman rob & dan demo (2005/9)
Conspiracy Theory.mp3 - icurd paranoia and 2 acoustic guitars live to a 4-track (1995)
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dan dreifort and his new hairpiece attempt to rock

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