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the free tempurpedic bed project

The Free Tempur-Pedic® Bed Project

So Tempur-Pedic® keeps yapping about their amazing "LOW GRAVITY Swedish sleep system developed for NASA" (read: fancy foam bed,) usually touting the free sample and video they'll send you.

"I don't have a VCR. Do you have DVDs?"

"No sir. Sorry. We only have VHS. Do you still want your free tempurpedic foam?"


memory foam
The first piece of the puzzle.

Of course I want Tempurpedic memory foam

I don't really care about what's on the video, but that's how it all started at 3am in early 2004. Truth is, I love my Tempur-Pedic® foam sample. But I can't afford to buy a bed-sized chunk of their "pressure-free body-stabilizing" foam... and they won't ship me any more samples. Bastards.

That's where you come in. Fill out this form or call 1-888-811-5053 to receive your free "Tempur-Pedic® Demonstration Kit." Use your own address, and then ship it to Dan - PO Box 124738 San Diego, CA 92112. (You can keep the video if you want.)

"Why would I want to go out of my way to help this loon," you might ask, "if there are cheaper and arguably better memory foam mattresses out there?"

I'll give you three good reasons. Read on.

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