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Removed dead links and several dead link-exchangers from top 10
Added several to Top 10
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2004.12.30 (since last update)
Added songs to random tunes
Tweaked Tempurpedic page
Updated Martizatic! page
Updated Vellumn page
Updated Cactus Pears

10.09.04 (since last update)
Added slashdot journal to bottom 10
Added a few to top ten
Updated start portal
Updated cactuspears
Updated free tempurpedic
Updated Vellumn

Added tunes to random tunes
Added links to top 10
Added naked pics of Jose Lima's wife
Vellumn site updated
Updated start page
Added other stuff too!

Top uncool features are
Jose Lima's wife Naked

Free Tempupedic
DVD Rewind
each getting over 210 visits for the week

Visits back to normal after slashdotting.
Added paypal sucks to top ten

Added revamped start page to bottom ten

Added translation tools to bottom of page
uncoolcentral.com slashdotted (in the peripheral sense) for the first time... avg visitors/day (temporarily) up to 10,000 from about 1,000. Thanks slashdot!
Top referers for the first week of Feb 2004 below... (Each sent at least 350 uncool visitors. Thanks.)

- http://www.bluesnews.com  
- http://slashdot.org/articles/04/02/05/1631201.shtml
- http://www.canada.com/technology/webjunkie/index.html
- http://www.museumofhoaxes.com
- http://www.keepstill.com/aboutface/main.html
- http://forums.offtopic.com/
- http://www.sensibleerection.com

And in case you were wondering, the top uncool features for the first week of february 2004, in order of popularity... each getting at least 160 visits for the week. Wow. You love me, you really love me! ;)
DVD Rewind
Free Tempurpedic Bed
Cool Test
Pokemon Spoof
Dan Art
Deer Attack
Pudding Cloak
5 Planets

Added a few links to top 10

Removed 3brain, sexy chicks, etc from top 10
Added pic to SWII review
Added LSD pics and photojobs to top 10

Added surrealist art and infiltration to top 10
Added DVD rewind to bottom 10
Removed same from top 10

Added tempurpedic to bottom 10

Added ran. to bottom 10
Added titler and kill everyone to top 10
Added sticker to uncool store
Tweaked column widths

Added songs to random dan tunes
Added last words and wayback machine to top 10

Removed meat hats, anarchist artists, rob's really bad page and ron's hunting page from top 10. (It's really sad when good BAD sites go away forever. The wayback machine [above] is *ok* for archiving, but they have limited resources. So use the freshly added link to donate a couple of bucks to them.)

Added zombiesto top 10
Added music page - used to be mp3.com/dand link
Stats now available again

Added AI and eBay to top 10

Updated rant with warts

Added Sushi to top 10

Removed stupid comics and casts from top 10
Increased functionality of bookmarks page

Added Optical illusions to top 10

Adjusted "updated" dates in bottom 10 accordingly
Increased index page width by almost 10% !!!

Added Patriot BS to top 10

Uncool stats are not compiling for a bit - back soon

Uncool webserver was down for 24 hours earlier this week because of some wanker hacker asshole
Added Portal to top 10

Added DVD Rewinder to top 10
Removed Herb's Bunker from top 10

Added Gloomy and Life Explained to top 10
Added hole for spam bots
Adjusted "updated" dates in bottom 10 accordingly

Added Sexy Chycks to top 10

Added Virtual Thingy to top 10

Added Lesbian Phone Call to top 10

Added .htaccess files and headers to popular directories for fancy uncool branded directory listings
Created custom 404 error page
Changed META tags

Added little man to top 10
Added graphic to Beatty piece

Added meta results to cool test

Implemented search functionality
Changed index banner

Added pudding cloak to top 10

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