Martizatic! GigList

Recent Shameless Reunions
July 27th 2008 Orchardfest with cactus pears, indelible beancurd, vellumn
Did we play in 2005? We were gonna...
Dec 31st 2001 Union with ADR and The Tax
Sep 2nd 2000 Casa Nueva with Pasquali and Planet 12
Oct 29th 1999 Casa Nueva with cactus pears and circus of the sun

SHOWS -1999
Fri Feb 5th Casa Cantina w/ Motherlode
Thurs Feb 25th The Union w/ Left Coast Beverage and Wallace's Line

Sat March 6th Mama Einstein's w/ Noble Experiment

Fri April 2nd O'hooleys w/ CactusPears UK
Sat April 3rd Mama Einstein's w/ Homunculus
Fri April 9th Mama Einstein's w/ The Beatdowns and Uncertainty Principle
Fri Apr 16th Casa w/ CactusPears UK
Sat April 24th The Union w/ Lolipop Factory and Pretty Mighty Mighty
Mon April 26th SwindleFish w/ Guest

Wed May 5th Casa Cantina free Tibet benefit w/ Domestic Blend
Thu May 13th Swindlefish Saloon w/ Left Coast Beverage
Sat May 15th East Green Bash - w/ HotBoxLunch 6pm then see HBL at MamaEinstein's @ 10pm!
Fri May 21st MAd Frog Cincinnati w/ Homunculus
Sat May 22nd Ping Center Battle of the Bands 6pm (we won!)
Sat May 22nd Casa Cantina w/ CactusPears UK
We played a gig w/ TV Yellow at Night Court somewhere in here too...

Sat June 5th Casa Cantina w/ Cactus Pears UK
Fri June 11th Mama Einstein's w/ Cactus Pears UK
Allegedly our last show

2001 Newyears at Casa Nueva

2008 July Orchardfest