Updated 1-30-09

Hi, we're Martizatic! Our tapes are available at Haffa's in Athens OH. Cheap! Call and they'll mail you one. Visit our GIG List page to find out when and where we were making noise. We last played in 2008. Were you there?! Hire us to play your nephew's briss. If you can stand the sexiness, view our most recent (only) band photo. Find our free music for my mp3 playeroff of our aforementioned self-titled demo (aka "Poop") recorded only a month after our incarnation. Martizatic! is Adam Schoen, Nate Olah, and Dan Dreifort, and a brave Bryan Gibson sits in for galavanting Natey every once in a while.

Nate Olah

Nate is saving the world abroad with his terribly sexy wife.

Adam Schoen

Adam is in Cinci with his terribly sexy wife working on new music.

Dan Dreifort

Dan is in Athens with his terribly sexy wife working on his bunions.

Herb Ascherman made that cool alien picture for us. You can check out Dan's other bands, Adam's fromer band, or our exciting but no longer new Martizatic! Name-o-matic® and buy a Martizatic! shirt here. We used to have the coolest percussionist in the world, but he's long gone: Visit the Marty Coady memorial page. We miss him. If our recordings are too garbled to understand, treat those eyes and a lobe or two of your grey matter to our Lyrics Page... or maybe check out some press or google for webpress. (Bribes pay off!) Stay tuned for a better site eventually. Thanks a crapload for stopping by =)

-The Martizatic crew