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tempurpedic bed project

The Free Tempurpedic Bed Project so Far...

my tempurpedic girlfriend
My imaginary girlfriend on my imaginary Tempurpedic with a free Tempurpedic pillow. OMG!

My Tempurpedic Bed (or not)

So I still don't have enough foam to make my tempurpedic knockoff. Which naturally means I don't have enough of the little memory foam chunks to start my luxury mouse bed spinoff yet. What to do?

I need more foam. Please do what you can to get me more free foam. I've found that Tempurpedic keeps changing the URL of their free foam form, likely to prevent YOU from helping ME fulfill my dreams. So if you try to click one of the links to the form and get this lame Tempurpedic 404 page instead, please let me know. Why?

Free Preemptive Stock!

That's right - help the cause and you'll get a free preemptive stock certificate in a company that might one day exist and could be worth a bunch of dough. You don't even need to send foam to get yours! Just visit this page every hour or so and check that link. If those bastards at Tempurpedic have changed the URL on me and you're the first to tell me, you'll be so rewarded it's just nuts. Tell your friends. Blog about it. Call the press (if any newspapers still exist when you read this.)

email a friendWe can't lose.

So fill out the foam form or call 1-888-811-5053. When you get your free foam, ship it to Dan - PO Box 124738 San Diego, CA 92112. Together we'll be rich.

Free Tempurpedic Menu

Did you get to this page first? Lame. It's the fourth (and lamest) page of the Free Tempurpedic Bed Project. Start at the beginning.

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  2. Three Good Reasons to Donate your Tempur-PedicĀ® Foam
  3. The best Tempurpedic foam submissions so far
  4. This lame Tempurpedic Page
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